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The Girls

I’m Mandy, a girl living on the road with her dog, Opal. We purchased our home on wheels in February 2018 and have been full-timers ever since. We started our journey in Florida and have weaved our way through the United States and Canada. I have a full-time job as a marketing manager that I am able to do completely remotely. I love any place that is dog-friendly, docudramas, true crime podcasts, all things vintage, and witty sarcasm.

I adopted Opal when I was in college after fostering her for a few months (yep, I’m a foster failure). She actually had her DNA tested and the results said she’s 76% mixed breed, so that was super helpful! She is a certified therapy dog and my best friend. She loves playing fetch, napping, judging me and others, rolling in the grass, groaning when I try to snuggle her, being the front of the pack, and treats. We both love taking hipster photos in front of awesome street art. 

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