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What to Bring When Traveling with Your Dog

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

Beyond the kibble and the leash, what else will your dog need while you're traveling cross-country?

We all know Opal is a diva. I mean, I bring her entire house with us when we travel. But what are the most essential things I use on our trips? Here's a list of the doggo products I think are most important:

Portable Water Bowl

Providing adequate access to water is obviously essential when traveling with your pets. I keep a collapsible water bowl attached to Opal's leash so she's never without a doggy bowl on our adventures. These are available on Amazon in either silicon or fabric. There are also tons of doggy travel water bottles available - Messy Mutt and Gaity Pet have really cute ones!

Collar Light

Opal is so hard to see in the dark. That's why her Nite Ize clip on LED light is one of my favorite products. It stays clipped onto her collar and makes it literally impossible not to see her, no matter how dark it is.

Name Tag

You never know what's going to happen, so name tag with your contact information is super important. Opal is also micro-chipped, meaning she has a small chip inserted in her skin that can be scanned to display my contact information (please do this for all of your pets). But you have to have a scanner to access this information. Keep a tag on their collar with your phone number, just in case! I love SouthPawDog on Etsy, especially the slide-over collar tags (no jingling noises when Opal scratches or shakes).

Dog Bed

Opal has quite the shedding problem, so she's not allowed on the couch or bed. That's why it was so important to me to have a designated spot for her dog bed in the camper. Make sure your dog has a comfy spot to retreat to when they need a break. Travelling can be overwhelming and new places can be confusing, so it's essential for your dog to have a relaxing place that is familiar to them.


Fashion, duh. I'm in love with Pawtagonia's custom-made, outdoor dog wear. Every piece is handmade to fit your dog's specific measurements. All parts of their process are cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly aka they're awesome. Opal also looks really cute in her Native Instinct scarf (and they have matching human scarfs!).


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