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Yoga on the Road

Staying active and mindful while on the road can sometimes be difficult. Make time for yourself, your body, and your mind.

I. Hate. Working. Out. I hate it! But, I will admit, I love how I feel after. And it's good for you. And sometimes it's even fun (i.e. beer yoga, puppy yoga, goat yoga, etc.). Obviously, yoga is my workout of choice. I even used to work at a yoga studio (shoutout to BKS Yoga in Naples, Florida).

"It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity." - B.K.S. Iyengar

Here are some ways I have continued my yoga routine while on the road:

Join a Local Studio

Many studios offer short-term deals for new members. I use the MindBody app to search studios nearby, find good deals, and compare schedules.

Research Local Events

Local breweries are my favorite places to visit on my travels. Many of them host yoga classes that include a free beer. Hello! What's better than that? I also use Facebook to search for local events. Many cities have opportunities for free or low-cost yoga classes. Plus, lots of them are outdoors in parks or on the beach. Bonus!

Find a Teacher Online

There are tons of different free classes available online. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is super popular. If you're looking for other YouTube classes, YoMe catalogs hundreds of videos that are sorted by level, style, and topic. I've also done classes on, which has a huge variety.

Listen to a Podcast

Yoga Download provides free 20-30 minute classes or longer sessions for purchase. They offer printable pose guides and have helpful videos. Plus, you can download them ahead of time if you are going to be in an area without service.

There's an App for That!

  • Insight Timer, Headspace, or Buddhify are great for mediation.

  • Yogaia is subscription based and offers live classes with teachers that give real-time feedback.

  • Down Dog, Yoga Studio, 5 Minute Yoga, Daily Yoga, and so many more offer options for free or paid courses.



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